about the author

Since I was three years old and my mother organized a neighborhood soccer league in inner-city Boston, I have been immersed in the game. As I grew older, I began to play more seriously until I found out as a college freshman that a hereditary neuropathy would make playing still more seriously an impossibility. Eventually, I began coaching and have at this point coached a steady diet of boys and girls JV and Varsity teams on three continents over the past six years.

The majority of the journalism I have written was before I became an international school teacher. In the past, I have written a couple of articles for Sparq Magazine, a publication geared towards training and high school athletics, and have also contributed to a website called Real GM as a regular writer about the Boston Celtics. Previously, I wrote for an education journal called Education Update, and have been working on the same fictional novel for the better part of a decade and studying folklore as a hobby.